PR flak plays film critic: a reheated mess of lazy old spin.

Everything in this review is spin

But instead of attempting to rebut that thesis by proving how renewable energy is fully up to the task of averting the disaster, Joshi portrays the film as an unfair con job. But it is Joshi’s review that smells like the con job. Over and over again he resorts to misrepresenting and unfairly characterizing the film he is attacking.

Attack the Cassandras

The role of PR flaks is to protect their clients. And one way they do that is to attack the Cassandras — those in Greek mythology who utter true warning prophecies — who may threaten their client’s bottom line. Considering how much effort Joshi puts into spinning Gibbs as old and his ideas as reheated, it is ironic that the story of a PR flack trying to discredit a critic is an old script, one we’ve seen played out so many times before.

What tricks?

Well, for instance:

Moore’s Law

Here, we have to talk about something called Moore’s Law. No, not Michael. Gordon E. Moore, a tech executive at Intel whose observations in the 1960s about transistors became a cornerstone of the late 20th century worldview about progress. Moore observed that the number of transistors that could be put in a particular space was doubling every two years. From that, he concluded that anything that runs on a computer would become smaller, more powerful and cheaper over time. If not ad infinitum, at least for a long time.

We’ve got a fast car…

Planet of the Humans is about how we are driving a fast car toward a steep cliff, and Joshi’s picture offers no rebuttal of this, except to claim that tinkering with one gear in the car will somehow magically reduce the speed and maybe even reverse the course. He offers zero evidence of this on a planet-wide scale. He offers distractions, obfuscations and fake rhetoric to prevent us from seeing the big picture.



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Leslie Butler

Leslie Butler


Dog lover, parent, citizen. Interested in constructs and rhetoric in everyday life.